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Statement on Ukraine from the Methodist Presidency

We are horrified and heartbroken as we witness the violent assault on Ukraine by the Russian military. This devastating action and ensuing loss of life have rightly been condemned across the world. It is a very clear violation of the UN Charter and as such imperils the foundation upon which international security is built and on which we all depend. We regret the failure to build an understanding with Russia and we pray for the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, including the Methodist church leaders in the region and the Methodist communities across Ukraine. Christians are called to 'pursue peace with everyone' (Hebrews 12:14); this mandate is clear and requires courage, perseverance and understanding. We ask you to pray for all politicians, that there may be an to end to aggression and that dialogue, justice and peace may be established.

Prayers of peace for the people of Ukraine have been arranged for Ash Wednesday by the World Methodist Council (WMC), the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), and the Conference of European Churches (CEC). You can find out more and register to join here.

You can find a prayer and other materials here.

A prayer for Ukraine

Holy and Gracious God

We pray for the people of the Ukraine and the people of Russia; for their countries and their leaders.

We pray for all those who are afraid; that your everlasting arms hold them in this time of great fear.

We pray for all those who have the power over life and death; that they will choose for all people life, and life in all its fullness.

We pray for those who choose war; that they will remember that you direct your people to turn our swords into ploughshares and seek for peace.

We pray for leaders on the world stage; that they are inspired by the wisdom and courage of Christ.

Above all, Lord, today we pray for peace for Ukraine.

And we ask this in the name of your blessed Son.

Lord have mercy.



Hero Pastors of Ukraine — 2022 Update (First seen in 2017 but has since been updated) by OM — Operation Mobilisation — Christian Mission Trips.

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