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Below you will find useful information regarding recruiting volunteers in church.

Please note if you are considering employing a member of staff (employing mean that you are paying them a wage) e.g. a Cleaner or Caretaker you will first need to speak to Mr Brian Oakley who is the District Lay Employment Committee Secretary and can be contact on 01952 510546 or email:

Brian will be able to help you through the process and guide you through the necessary legal requirements.
Please be aware that The Methodist Church pays the living wage which is currently £9 an hour. It is also a legal requirement that employees have 4 weeks holiday (pro rota) annually.

The employer may also need to contact HM Revenue and Customs Support for New Employees on 0300 200 3211. Or by post to: Customer Operations Employer Office, BP4009, Chillingham House, Benton Park View, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE98 122. Or go to:

Please note you do not need to contact Brian if you are looking for extra volunteers. There is a legal requirement for all volunteers to complete a Registration form for Volunteer Workers and the Volunteer Agreement Including Role Outline. Two references need to be obtained.

Please visit the link for more information:

Lay Employment Advisory Information:


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