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The weeks have flown by at school and here we are already well into 2024! I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while. Its been quite a busy time . I continue to support both children and adults and am a ‘listening ear’ for anyone who needs a chat.

Mrs T’s Monday Stay ‘n Pray lunchtime sessions continue apace and are usually well attended. Based in The Den in Key Stage 2 each week we meet to talk about the Christian faith and to share and pray together. Craft activities are always on offer and are either displayed or taken home. We follow the church readings and lectionary for the year and in addition last September we began learning about the ‘I am ‘ sayings of Jesus from John’s Gospel and have so far covered ( or plan to cover ) the following:

Harvest (I am the bread of life)

Remembrance (I am the Good Shepherd)

Christmas (I am the Light of the world )

New Year (I am the gate)

Lent (I am the Way the truth and the Life)

Easter ( I am the Resurrection and the Life)

Pentecost (I am the true Vine )

We have created displays and made crafts reflecting these sayings. I’m hoping to send some pics. Of course, we made Advent candle wreaths and lanterns at Christmas and have led a few assemblies too. The most memorable being the Bread of Life Harvest Assembly which included a clapometer to measure everyone’s favourite bread!

Friday morning meditations draw in the children who need to be there. These quiet reflective sessions are held during the morning playtimes for any child who wishes to attend. .We continue to follow the Lectio for Families Bible app. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN WHO ATTEND. That they may know the Peace and Love of Jesus in these quiet moments. Please pray for the discussions that often follow.

I was very pleased to have supported the staff through our recent SIAMS ( Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools ) inspection in October and am extremely proud to report the school were judged to be Outstanding. The inspector visited and chatted with me and saw the children’s work and I was also invited to attend an interview with her and a group of Stay n Pray children.

Each child has their own Stay n Pray journal which they keep at school and can record prayers and anything that we learn at S and P. They are all most beautifully decorated. I have attended some RE lessons in Key Stage 2 and to include the younger children more I have arranged to visit their classes and the Nurture Hub to do some music.

It has become a regular thing for Reception Class to visit me in the Den on a Monday morning for a session of prayer and praise. Recently we undertook a ‘Pilgrimage’ through school ending up at our World Map Prayer area. The children collectively thought of a Prayer for Peace. I’m planning to do the same with the Year 2 classes this coming week and they have a Question and Answer session planned.

In the Autumn we continued to work on the Prayer Garden outside. There's still a long way to go . We have an art project planned for Spring and will be planting more flowers as the warmer months come along. Weve recently received the gift of a beautiful Bug Hotel and several bat boxes.

Our head teacher Mrs Cross is, at last, able to return to school after a long absence and I look forward to working with her again. All the staff are very supportive of any ideas for projects I have. We are looking forward to welcoming Rev Marcus in March for his first visit and there is a Prayer Meeting planned for Friday March 15th in school at 6pm.

For the season of Lent the children are making a ‘ Bag for Lent’ which they take home with instructions to use through Lent. In it are items to focus on for prayer and reflection. It is an absolute privilege to hear the children’s reflections and questions about Christianity and we have some lively discussions. There will be cards made for Mothering Sunday and Palm Crosses for Palm Sunday. Stained glass crosses for Easter!

My aim remains to share the love of our Heavenly Father with both children and staff.

Gods Blessings to you all

Julie Tomlinson

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